Preparing Wood for Floor Sanding and Varnishing

Floor sanding and varnishing are essential for maintaining the look of your wooden floor. It also enhances the life span of your flooring. Before you start with sanding and varnishing, the floor should be prepared for getting a smooth finish.  

Remove the old varnishing

Varnishing is a protective covering that can be used on many kinds of wood surfaces. It gives the wood a lustrous covering. It also acts as a protective layer that resists dirt and other contaminants. It protects the wooden floor from water and mold. To start with the floor sanding and varnishing, the already existing varnish should first be removed. If the old varnish is chipped and damaged, make sure that you remove that varnish properly to get a smooth surface ready for re-varnishing. 

Make the wood free from defects

With time and wear and tear, your wooden floor may develop defects such as knots, cracks, pest holes, splits, etc. Before you start with floor sanding and varnishing, check your flooring carefully for all such defects. Make sure that you fill up the gaps in the floor with wooden dough. For instance, you can make a dough by mixing the sawdust with a little bit of finish. These fillers are also available in the market. You can buy the color that matches your wooden flooring and fill the gaps.

Other preparations

Once the wood is free from all types of imperfections, also check for defects like mold and mildew. There are many coatings available in the market that can be used to make the wood free from molds. Then, use a soft broom or vacuum cleaner to make the wood clean and smooth. To get a good finish after floor sanding and varnishing, the wood should be prepared properly. It should be smooth and clean. You can also use a sand paper to remove the dust particles before you start with the actual process of sanding.


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