The Importance of Floor Sanding and Sealing

Wood floors enhance the look of your house and office. Besides this, wood floorings also make your home warm and comfortable. However to maintain a wooden floor and to retain its great looks, it needs to be sanded and sealed periodically. This article emphasizes the importance of wood floor sanding and sealing.  

Prevent wear and tear

Continuous use of floor leads to normal wear and tear. With time, you may also notice some dents or cracks in your wooden floor. The planks of wood can also get loose. Sanding of floor is necessary to tighten the defective nails to avoid further deterioration of the floor. Floor sanding and sealing is also important to repair the worn out parts of your floor. All this is necessary not only to maintain the look of your floor but also to enhance the life of your wooden floor. 

Re-staining of wooden floor

Floor sanding and sealing is the process through which you can get back the lost stain and luster of your wooden floor. Wooden floors gradually lose their original stain due to floor cleaning, movement of furniture, and normal usage. Re-staining your floor while sanding can help you get a fresh and new look for your floor. Don't forget to remove the dust caused due to sanding of floor before you go in for staining process. You can also opt for dustless sanding to make the process of sanding and staining easier and less messy.

Protect your floor

The most significant reason for wood floor sanding and sealing is to protect your flooring. Sealing the floor means putting a protective layer of lacquer or an oil coating on the wood floor. This is done to seal the flooring. This sealing prevents the water from seeping into the floor. This further keeps problems like mold and mildew at bay. Sealing also protects your floor from dirt particles. All this is necessary for a long life of your wood flooring.



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