Floor Sand – Transforming an Old Hardwood Floor

The top surface of the wooden floor is removed with the help of sanding machines and abrasive materials that are applied on the floor. Sand your old floors and make them more comfortable and beautiful. Floor sanding not only helps you to transform the look of your hardwood floors but also protects them from various problems.  

Preparation of hardwood floor for sanding


The first step in floor sanding is to prepare the floor. Sand your floor only when it is checked for various types of defects and is subsequently prepared for sanding. For instance, all the grooves should be filled and loose or broken planks should be repaired. At the very first stage, you will get an idea how necessary it is to sand the floor in order to transform its looks and make it look more elegant. 




Once you have prepared the floor, sand it using sanding machines. You can choose among various types of sanders such as drum sander, orbital sander, edge sander, or square sander. Drum sander can be used to sand the overall floor and then edge sander can be used to sand the edges and other far reaching nooks and corners of the floor. Sand the floor properly to avoid any sanding marks. You will be amazed to see how the process of sanding completely transforms the look of the old hardwood floors and also make them stronger and more resilient.


Get back your sparkling wooden floor

Do you feel that something is still missing in the looks of your wooden floor? Sand it properly and then see whether you are satisfied with its new looks. If not, there might be a need to re-stain it with a shade that best suits your interiors. Your old hardwood floor will sparkle like the new floors kept in the showrooms, once the sanding, sealing, and staining of your floor is over.




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