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The Synagogue in Bevis Marks, built for Sephardic (Spanish and Portuguese) Jews in 1701, is the oldest in Lovely Floor Sanding Quote in Aldgate EC3the country. Its rich oak fittings, including ark, galleries, seats and desks, represent as splendid a range of woodwork as any building in the city.

 Its neighbours, old and new, may lack such magnificence, but timber remains popular for building among both domestic and commercial buildings. Whether in a home, office, pub, gallery or restaurant, wooden floors bear testimony to the enduring beauty of wood.Outstanding dust free floor sanding services in Aldgate EC3

They rate highly for durability and ease of maintenance – whether composed of hardwood boards or parquet blocks. Yet wear and tear or more severe use can result in a sad and shabby appearance. If yours are looking below par, then it is time to call on Sanding Wood Floors for the complete service in Aldgate EC3.

Modern floor sanding is the key to the repair and restoration of wooden floors.

After damaged timber is repaired, sanding removes old layers of paint and sealant. Oil or lacquer not only gives a hard wearing finish – but a new colour can result in a completely different look.Beauteous Before & After Floor Sanding Gallery

Work is virtually dustfree with our latest sanding machines. And we work flexibly - during evenings or weekends - so disruption and loss of business is kept to a minimum.

And we believe in authenticity: so for a parquet floor renovation, we will source out the blocks to match from our reclaimed timber suppliers.The Aldgate EC3 Astonishing Wooden Floors Varnishing

Ask us for your free assessment. We have over 20 years’ experience of working on floors in all settings – so you will get the right advice along with an assurance of top quality workmanship and use of the best floor products.

Call on Floor Sanding Specialists for the complete floor renovation service throughout Aldgate EC3.

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Useful facts about Aldgate:

  • Aldgate was the eastern-most gateway through London Wall leading from the City of London to Whitechapel and the East End of London. It gives its name to a ward of the City bounded by White Kennet Street in the north and Crutched Friars in the south, taking in Leadenhall and Fenchurch Streets, which remain principal thoroughfares through the City of London, each splitting from the short street named Aldgate that connects to Aldgate High Street.

  • It is thought that a gate at Aldgate was already spanning the road to Colchester in the Roman period, when the City wall itself was constructed. The gateway stood at the corner of the modern Duke's Place and was always an obstacle to traffic. It was rebuilt between 1108–47, again in 1215, and reconstructed completely between 1607-09. The gate was finally removed in 1761; it was temporarily re-erected at Bethnal Green.

  • Aldgate is one of 25 wards in the City of London, each electing an Alderman to the Court of Aldermen and Commoners (the City equivalent of a councillor) to the Court of Common Council of the City of London Corporation. Only electors who are Freemen of the City are eligible to stand. The area around the large traffic roundabout to the east of where the gate stood is also often referred to as Aldgate (although strictly, this is Aldgate High Street, and extends a short distance into Whitechapel; it is also known occasionally by the epithet 'Gardiners' Corner', in honour of a long-disappeared department store).


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