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As rich a representation of London class as one finds, this area basks in famous houses: from Apsley House,Splendid Floor Sanding Quote in Piccadilly W1 a grateful nation’s present to the Duke of Wellington; to the Royal Academy and the Art Deco splendours of the Piccadilly Hotel. Not all buildings are secular, with St James being the only church that Wren built on a new site.

Among long standing and more recent buildings, timber retains its popularity. And wood floors continue to Wonderful dust free floor sanding services in Piccadilly W1withstand the feet of the patrons of hotels, galleries and shops alike. Their ease of maintenance is matched by their beauty – offering a free feast for the most humble visitor.

If you enjoy the privilege of such a floor in your building – be it domestic or commercial – you need to ensure that it is kept at its best. Wear, marks or damage are easily remedied with modern floor sanding.

So call on a professional company: Sanding Wood Floors provide the complete wood floor repair and restoration service in Piccadilly W1.

From hardwood boards or parquet blocks – we can restore any kind of floor. And for period floors, we make sure of an authentic match by sourcing reclaimed timber.

Our sanding machines ensure that the spread of dust is kept to a minimum. And we offer flexible hours to fit in with your schedules. Overnight or weekend working ensures that your rooms will stay out of action for only a short period.Attractive Before & After Floor Sanding Gallery

With over 20 years’ experience of sanding floorboards, we provide not only the best advice - but workmanship and products to the highest standard. This will prove the best value in the longer term: your floors will retain both their beauty and hard-wearing nature.

Call us today for your free assessment. Aftercare is all part of the service, to make sure you continue to enjoy the benefits of your floor for years to come. 

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Interesting facts about Piccadilly:

  • Piccadilly is a road in London, running from Hyde Park Corner in the west to Piccadilly Circus in the east. It is completely within the City of Westminster and forms part of the A4 route, London's second most important western artery, to Avonmouth. The area of St. James's lies to the south of the eastern section of the street, while the western section is built up only on the northern side and overlooks Green Park. The area to the north is Mayfair. Today, Piccadilly is not widely regarded as one of London's principal shopping streets, despite the presence of several famous shops. The Ritz Hotel is located on the street, along with other luxury hotels and offices.

  • Piccadilly is one of the widest and straightest streets in central London. It is the location of several notable London landmarks and buildings, including Fortnum & Mason, the Royal Academy, the Ritz Hotel, the RAF Club, Hatchards, and the embassies of Japan and Malta. Simpson's, once amongst the United Kingdom's leading clothing stores, opened on Piccadilly in the 1930s. The store closed in 1999 and the site is now the flagship shop of the booksellers Waterstone's. Many P.G. Wodehouse novels use the setting of Piccadilly as the playground of the rich, idle bachelor in the inter-war period of the 20th century. Notable instances of this are present in the characters of Bertie Wooster and his Drones Club companions in the Jeeves stories and the character of James Crocker in the story Piccadilly Jim.

  • Until the 17th century the street was known as Portugal Street. The name Piccadilly may have arisen from a tailor named Robert Baker, who owned a shop on the Strand, in the late 16th century and early 17th century. He amassed a large fortune by making and selling piccadills (also called picadils or pickadils—stiff collars with scalloped edges and a broad lace or perforated border), that were then in fashion. With his great fortune he purchased a large tract of what was then open country to the west of London, and in about 1612 he built a large house there. The mansion soon became known as Piccadilly Hall. After the Restoration of the English monarchy in 1660, Piccadilly and the area to the north (Mayfair) began to be systematically developed as a fashionable residential locality.

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