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Ideal dust free floor sanding services in St John´s Wood NW8King willow and the timbers out in the middle reign supreme at the HQ of the Fascinating Floor Sanding Quote in St John´s Wood NW8summer game, but wood has more practical applications inside surrounding properties. If cricket represents the essence of all things English, wooden floors occupy a comparable position in traditional building. Durable, practical and easy to maintain - their hygienic qualities are matched by the gloss and natural beauty of their grain. St John´s Wood NW8 Nice Wooden Floors Varnishing

Like a well oiled bat, they gain character with age – and can also enhance and add value to the properties they grace.

So they repay regular care and attention. Be honest – are your floors doing a good enough job?

If not – with their shabbiness under pressure from marks or worse damage - delay no longer. Call on the specialists in repair and restoration. 

We provide the complete wood floor refinishing service throughout St John’s Wood NW8.



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You’ve no need for concern about dust and disruption. Modern sanding - with our efficient collection system - is virtually dustfree. Any closure and inconvenience is also minimal with our flexible working. By completing the job at weekends or even overnight – you’ll be back in business in a very short time.Elegance Floor Sanding Services in St John´s Wood NW8

We’ve restored hundreds of floors over the past twenty years – from hardwood boards to parquet blocks – so offer you the best advice and treatment with only the highest quality floor products.

You’ll get all you need for the complete job, including repairs to damaged timber; gaps filled to prevent draughts; staining for a change to match your decor. Make your choice of protective sealant – lacquer for wear; oil or hard wax for traditional beauty.

Your period floor will be in good hands when you entrust it to us. Refinishing parquet floors is about finding the blocks to match from reclaimed sources. The new surface of your floor will have an authentic look to rival the original.

Ask us today for your free assessment. We’ll answer your questions – and prepare a programme to meet your budget. Your beautiful new floor will leave a lasting impression on all who see and walk upon it.

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St John’s Wood NW8.

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Did you know about St John`s Wood?

  • St John's Wood is a district of north-west London in the City of Westminster, and at the north-west end of Regent's Park. St John`s Wood, home to many wealthy families. Property includes large period houses, inter-war mansion blocks, modern townhouses and luxury apartments complete with a concierge. St. John's Wood was ranked by Forbes magazine as the 5th most expensive area in London and the United Kingdom, with an average home sale price of nearly £2 million ($3.5 million).

  • St John's Wood is the location of Lord's Cricket Ground, home of Middlesex County Cricket Club and the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), and original headquarters of the sport. It is also famous for Abbey Road Studios and the street Abbey Road, where The Beatles recorded, notably the Abbey Road album, the cover of which features the band crossing the road. Paul McCartney has owned a property in the area since the 1960s along with many other famous music and film stars.

  • Philosopher A.J. Ayer was born and grew up in the area, as did Chef Clarissa Dickson Wright, and the former Wrights' home was later home to supermodel Kate Moss. Actor Damian Lewis was born in St John's Wood. The Rolling Stones referenced it in their song "Play with Fire". Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones lived on Carlton Hill, at the northern edge of St John's Wood, in the 1960s, as detailed in his 2010 autobiography, "Life". The director, wit and physician Jonathan Miller was born into a wealthy family in the area. The British World War II flier Douglas Bader was born in St. John's Wood.

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