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Few areas in the world offer abound with such a concentration of history and splendour as the Square Mile.Elegance Floor Sanding Quote in City Of London As for the buildings - from Wren churches and the Worshipful Companies through to modern office blocks – they make a worthy contribution towards its status.

The wooden floor remains a popular and attractive feature in wine bars, restaurants, pubs, sAwesome dust free floor sanding services in City Of Londonhops and offices. It epitomises continuity, class and solid dependability and - whether composed of hardwood boards or parquet blocks – can improve with age and add value to any property.

As long as it is looked after! If your floors have become worn, tired and damaged – we can create them anew with wood repair and restoration.

Call on Sanding Wood Floors for wood floor refinishing and polishing services throughout the City of London.

Having restored hundreds of floors over the past twenty years, we will give you the best advice and the right treatment. After repairing damaged timber; filling gaps if you so require and staining for a change of colour – the floor will be ready for the final protective finish of lacquer, hard wax or natural oil.

Disruption and closure will be kept to a minimum by offering flexible hours – at weekends or eExcellent Before & After Floor Sanding Galleryven overnight. Dust and mess is also a thing of the past with the dustfree sanding from our cylinder machines.

Your period floor will be in the safest hands. We’ll repair damaged areas with matching blocks – followed by herringbone, mosaic or parquet floor sanding for a finish that may even surpass the original - given the improvements in floor care products and restoration techniques.

City Of Lodnon Magnetic Wooden Floors Varnishing

So ask us today for your free assessment. We’ll devise the right restoration package to meet your budget – for a new floor to last, stay looking good and offer great service for years to come.

Call on Sanding Wood Floors for the complete floor renovation service throughout the City of London.

 *  a free assessment at your home
 *  set prices to meet your budget
 *  the best advice on repairs, restoration and sealing
 *  friendly, efficient teams working to the highest standards
 *  modern machinery producing minimal mess and disruption.
 *  maintenance tips and advice for your restored floor
* Phone or email for a no obligation quote.*
*For a truly professional job throughout the
City of London.

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Useful facts about City of London:

  • The City of London is an area of London. The City constituted most of London from its settlement by the Romans in the 1st century AD to the Middle Ages, but the conurbation has since grown far beyond its borders. As the City's boundaries have remained almost unchanged since the Middle Ages, it is now only a tiny part of the metropolis, though it remains a notable part of central London. The City holds city status in its own right, and is also a separate ceremonial county.

  • By the time of the construction of the London Wall, the city's fortunes were in decline, with problems of plague and fire. The Roman Empire entered a long period of instability and decline, including the Carausian Revolt in Britain. In the 3rd and 4th centuries, the city was under attack from Picts, Scots and Saxon raiders. The decline continued, both for Londinium and the Empire, and in 410 AD the Romans withdrew entirely from Britain. Many of the Roman public buildings in Londinium by this time had fallen into decay and disuse, and gradually after the formal withdrawal the city became almost uninhabited.

  • The City has no sizeable parks within its boundary, but does have a network of a large number of gardens and small open spaces, many of which are maintained by the Corporation. These range from formal gardens such as the one in Finsbury Circus, containing a bowling green and bandstand, to churchyards such as one belonging to the church of St. Olave Hart Street, to water features and artwork found in some of the courtyards and pedestrianised lanes.

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