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The ‘deal porters’ - bearers of large blocks of deal - are as much a thing of the past as the timber piles of theAwesome Floor Sanding Quote in Surrey Docks SE16 docks themselves, covered over with housing and shopping centres.

Timber, however, stills lays alive in buildings old and new – particularly in wooden floors. Popular for centuries for their hygiene, beauty and durability, they are the only floor surface that can add class and value to buildings as they improve with age.Adorable dust free floor sanding services in Surrey Docks SE16

As long as improvement isn’t overtaken by decline.. So make sure your floors are performing to the standard you want. Bring them back to life with restoration from a specialist floor sanding company.

Sanding Wood Floors provide comprehensive wood floor refinishing and polishing services in Surrey Docks SE16.

Whatever the condition and composition of your floors, from hardwood boards or parquet blocks, we can repair damaged timber, fill gaps to prevent draughts and sand away old layers of dirt, paint or sealant. We may then stain for a change of colour – and finish with oil or hard wax for the natural look; lacquer for hard wear.

On period floors such as mosaic, herringbone or parquet, we repair damaged blocks with reclaimed materials. You’ll have an authentic finish to match the original.Alluring Before & After Floor Sanding Gallery

Don’t worry about dust and disruption. We’ll keep dust down with the unique collection system from our cylinder machines. And by working flexibly - at weekends or even overnight - we will fit around your schedule and ensure minimal closure and loss of business.

Surrey Docks SE16 Classy Wooden Floors Varnishing

Call us today for a free assessment of your floor. After twenty years of sanding floorboards, we will give you the best advice - to create a new floor that will do you and your property proud.

Sanding Wood Floors – your floor sanding company working throughout Surrey Docks SE16.

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 * friendly, efficient teams working to the highest standards
 * modern machinery producing minimal mess and disruption.
 *  maintenance tips and advice for your restored floor
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For a truly professional job in Surrey Docks SE16 - contact us today!




Did you know about Surrey Docks SE16?

  • The Surrey Docks were a large group of docks in Rotherhithe on the south bank (the Surrey side) of the Thames in South East London. The docks operated in one form or another from 1696 to 1969. Most were subsequently filled in and redeveloped for residential housing, and the area is now known as Surrey Quays, although the name Surrey Docks is retained for the electoral ward.

  • The Grand Surrey Canal was closed in 1971 and was subsequently drained and filled in. The area remained derelict for over a decade, with much of the warehousing demolished and over 90% of the docks filled in. The only surviving areas of open water were Greenland Dock, South Dock, remnants of Canada Dock (renamed Canada Water) and Norway Dock, and a basin renamed Surrey Water. In 1981, the Conservative government of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher established the London Docklands Development Corporation to redevelop the former dockyard areas east of the City of London, including the Surrey Docks.

  • During the 1980s and early 1990s, the Surrey Docks were extensively redeveloped, and renamed Surrey Quays. Over 5,500 new homes were built, ranging from individual detached housing to large apartment complexes. South Dock was converted into a marina - now the largest in London - and a watersports centre was constructed on Greenland Dock. Canada Water and the infilled Russia Dock became wildlife reserves, with a woodland planted on the latter site. Leisure facilities and a number of light industrial plants were also built, notably a new printing works for Associated Newspapers, the publisher of the London Evening Standard and the Daily Mail.


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