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Great. Your property has a natural wooden floor.Alluring Floor Sanding Quote in Aylesbury

Whoops. It looks like the former home of several large animals who have used it for sharpening their claws and depositing unnameable bodily fluids.

Great once more. To make it look like new is a day or so away.Splendid dust free floor sanding services in Aylesbury

Wherever your floor - in homes and offices; bars and cafes; schools, gyms or shops - have it restored through floor sanding and finishing from a specialist company.

Call on Sanding Wood Floors for the complete wood floor repair and restoration service in Aylesbury.

Our twenty years of floor restoration will ensure that you receive the best advice on the treatment for your floors. From the repair and replacement of damaged timber - to filling the gaps to prevent draughts.

Sanding itself strips away the layers of dirt, old paint and sealant. The smooth wood may then be stained for a change of colour - and finally resealed with the fresh protection provided by lacquer, hard wax or natural oil.Wonderful Before & After Floor Sanding Gallery

Dust and disruption? A thing of the past with our efficient cylinder machines and their virtual dust free sanding. Closure and inconvenience? We can keep this to a minimum through flexible hours - at weekends or even overnight - to work around your domestic or commercial schedule.

Your period floor will come up like new. For mosaic, herringbone or parquet wood floor sanding, we replace Aylesbury Adorable Wooden Floors Varnishingdamaged blocks with matching materials. Fresh sanding and sealing then creates a beautiful - and authentic - new surface.

Ask us today for your free assessment. We’ll answer your questions; and prepare a new floor to meet your budget.

For great long term value.

Call on Sanding Wood Floors for the complete floor renovation service throughout Aylesbury.

 * a free assessment at your home
 *  set prices to meet your budget
 *  the best advice on repairs, restoration and sealing
 *  friendly, efficient teams working to the highest standards
 *  modern machinery producing minimal mess and disruption.    
 *  maintenance tips and advice for your restored floor
* Phone or email for a no obligation quote.*
*For a truly professional job throughout

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