Engineered Wood Floor Repairs using latest dust free Festool machines. A well-maintained wooden floor can last for centuries – although subject to all kinds of indignities. Over time, stains andExquisite Floor Sanding Quote marks are inevitable from spills, scuffs and water leaks. Such minor damage can be repaired with a light sanding down - and by applying a ‘refresh’ layer of the relevant sealant.

More serious effects result from floods or the collateral damage from internal building works - walls removed, central heating changes, a fireplace installed or removed. Their impact on the floor ranges from warping and buckling to broken boards.

Wood floor repair might appear a straightforward task, but it really is a job for the professionals. Skilful repairs will provideSanding Wood Floors is using mainly natural eco friendly finishes by Osmo, Blanchon, Bona and Junckers providing kids and pets safe floors. you with a floor as good as new – as long as you choose your company with care. A company with the experience and expertise to deal with all kinds of floors in every setting.

Quality Wooden Floor Repair using reclaimed flooring.Sanding Wood Floors have the repair teams to fix any type of hardwood floor mishap.
In residential or commercial properties, we have repaired hundreds of floors over the past twenty years. Softwood and hardwood; engineered and laminated; parquet and herringbone.

We will assess your floor - and plan every stage of the project. We use the highest quality floor repair material that is only available to professional firms. You can’t buy it over the counter in high street shops.

As for the sanding machinery, we use up-to-date technology that is efficient and produces a minimum of mess and dust.

So save yourself the hassle of a messy and possibly inadequate job - and call on Sanding Wood Floors to create your new floor.  

So what does a typical floor repair project include?

Wood Floor Repairs using old fashioned techniques. * securing any loose floorboards.

* replacing those that are damaged beyond repair with new or reclaimed materials. We always attempt to provide the closest match.

* gap-filling: depending on the gap size, these can be either filled with a mix of wood dust and Wood Floor Repairsresin - or glued-in wood slivers

* sanding to remove the old layers of dirt, paint and sealant. We do not follow a formula: how we sand depends on the condition of the floor.

A wooden floor can only be subject to a limited number of sandings before it reaches its minimum thickness. The quality of the job comes first. Once repaired, you will want a floor to last. We never try to cut down on costs – the floor will be all the poorer for it.

Wood Floor Repairs using staining in order to achieve perfect blend.* staining: is a matter of personal preference. It can transform the whole look of your room if you feel tired of the colour and appearance of your floor.  

* sealing - this provides the final vital protection against wear and tear. Oil, hardwax or lacquer all have their merits - depending on the wear your floor is likely to experience.

We use only professional products, and will recommend those that match the durability you require – and the amount of aftercare you are prepared to devote to your floor.

To sum up - your floor is a precious asset. An economy job is false economy in the longer-term. So choose a company who will provide a quality job to last at a fair price.

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