Parquet Flooring Blocks - the Classic floor styleAs much of an artwork as a cover for your floors, blocks of parquet flooring can be laid in various patterns. The classic Exquisite Floor Sanding Quotedesigns of herringbone parquet flooring are as timeless as ever, though other creative ways include chevron, basket weave and dutch pattern.

Sanding Wood Floors is one of the largest UK stockists of oak parquet flooring blocks: all 20 mm thick and 70 mm wide. Their lengths vary from 230 mm, 250 mm, 280 mm and 350 mm.

Subfloor Preparation Sanding Wood Floors is using mainly natural eco friendly finishes by Osmo, Blanchon, Bona and Junckers providing kids and pets safe floors.

 Parquet Flooring Blocks - the Classic floor styleLaying parquet flooring requires a smooth and solid subfloor, so preparation is vital.

For a concrete subfloor, we will ensure a proper screeding - with enough time for the screed to dry.

For a wooden floor, we create even levels with a new layer of plywood or chipboard of varying thickness.

Although parquet flooring blocks are much less sensitive to humidity than hardwood boards, we always recommend the application of a liquid damp proofing course over a concrete floor.

Fitting Parquet Flooring Blocks.

You have Parquet Flooring Blocks - the Classic floor style a wide choice of patterns:

The design can extend from wall-to-wall - or can be surrounded with a single border (one block) or double border (two blocks) around the walls and door frames.

Borders can also be fitted with solid wood flooring planks in various widths - for a neater finish and look.

Or go for a border fitted with a different wood species, which contrasts in colour with the overall flooring. Sanding Wood  Parquet Flooring Blocks - the Classic floor styleFloors offers 3-strip deco borders in merbau-ash-merbau and walnut-ash-walnut. We also supply wenge and merbau single strip deco borders.

Parquet floor installation begins with the measurement and planning of the main line(s), around which the patterns will be fitted. This can take time - but once the initial pattern is set up, the space can be filled with blocks relatively quickly.

Unlike the installation of solid wood flooring, parquet flooring needs to be fitted in stages, over separate days.

Why? The adhesive needs to dry so the next operation has to wait until it is completely hardened. This means that installing 20 sqm and 40 sqm can be completed in the same number of days.

Sanding, Buffing and Sealing

 Parquet Flooring Blocks - the Classic floor styleSome small gaps are inevitable between the joints of some blocks, so the entire area needs to Parquet Flooring Blocks - the Classic floor style be filled.

Once filled, we sand the floors with medium and fine abrasives. Sanding Wood Floors use the perfect tools for fine finishing, including the orbital disc sanders "Lager Trio" and Bona "Flexi Sand".

The floor may then be stained for a colour to match your decor.  As for the protective sealant, make your choice from lacquer, oil or hard wax-oil. We use the products of the world leaders in floor finishes: Bona, Junkers, Oslo and Casanova.



Reclaimed Blocks? No thanks.

 Parquet Flooring Blocks - the Classic floor styleWe are usually reluctant to refit reclaimed parquet flooring. When we do accept, it is only after close scrutiny of the material concerned. Parquet Flooring Blocks - the Classic floor style

Why? Blocks are often removed en masse from a site and bagged up - with no clear indication of their condition.

Removing them and throwing them together can damage their edges and fittings. They will not go back in the same place, which makes the fitters’ job more difficult. Most importantly, however, the hardened adhesive will not allow them to fit perfectly next to each other.

After fitting is completed, the poor uneven level of the blocks will require intense floor sanding. The final result will be a floor with serious gaps and a wear layer not up to the job.

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