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Some Tips to Refinishing Your Wood Floors

Wooden flooring is a delight. However besides regular maintenance you will have to refurbish your flooring once every few years. Depending on how you have cared for your flooring, refinishing wood floors can either be a simple or a mammoth task. Here are a few tips to make the process simpler.

Test your floors

Before you start refinishing wood floors in your home you need to make sure that they are in need of a touch up. Testing for this is very simple. Drop one or two tablespoons of water on the part of the hardwood flooring that is used the most. If the water forms into droplets your flooring is still good and does not need uplift. If the water is absorbed into the wood making a dark patch in the area then you need to redo the flooring.

Preparing yourself

The best way to refinishing wood floors is to hire a professional company to do it. This might cost you a bit more than you actually doing it yourself but it is definitely a better choice. Measure the area of flooring that needs to be redone so that you can get a quote. You must also remember to clear out the room / rooms in question before the commencement of the job. Remove all pieces of furniture, curtains etc.


The last stage of refinishing wood floors includes choosing a stain and a finish. You can either choose a lacquer or an oil finish. Once your floor is completely finished do not move your furniture in right away. Wipe it with a damp cloth or a cloth coated with resin. This must be done when the floor is completely dry after the finishing stage. Wiping the floor will bring out that extra shine.



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