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The Importance of Wood Floor Sanding

Having a wood floor has various advantages besides the fact that it not only gives your house a great look, it is also warm and very comforting. However in order to keep a wooded floor looking great it needs to be maintained periodically. Wood floor sanding is the only way that this can be done.

Reason for sanding no 1

The first reason that you should consider wood floor sanding is to repair you floor. Wooden floors do get worn out over a period of time. Planks can break or become loose, nails could come out etc. All of these need to be reinforced or changed from time to time. Sanding of the floor takes care of all of this.

Reason for sanding no 2

Staining is another reason that you should consider wood floor sanding. Wooden floors tend to lose their original stain with wear and tear of furniture movement and floor cleaning. When you sand your wooden floor you can also re-stain it. This means that you can give your flooring a whole new look.

Reason for sanding no 3

The most important reason that you should consider wood floor sanding is to preserve your flooring. The final step of the sanding process involves a lacquer or an oil coating on the wood. This seals the wood preventing water, dust etc from entering it and therefore prolonging its life. Even if you choose not to stain your flooring, varnishing it must be done. This is the only way that your flooring will look good and more importantly last a life time.

As important as the sanding process itself is the need to make sure that you get it done by professionals who know their job. A bad floor sanding job could ruin your wooden flooring.



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