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Choosing the Best Floor Sanding Company

Choosing the right floor sanding company can make all the difference between a job that has an ‘ok’ finish and a great looking floor. Follow a few of these tips and you should be able to choose a great company without too much trouble.

Figure out what you want done

Before you set out to call a floor sanding company you need to decide on what you want done with your floor. Do you only need a restoration job to be done on your floor or do you need additional things done like removing of a fireplace, refurbishing stairs etc. Make a list of all these things so that you can give it to the companies you shortlist for a quote.

Go through your local listings

Before singling out a single floor sanding company, go through the list of companies in your area. The yellow pages should be able to help you with this. Choose companies that have been around for some time. While doing this you need to keep in mind that the prices of the material that they use will be about the same since they are from the same area. What will vary is the price for doing the job. Also keep in mind that smaller or family owned businesses will give you a better rate than known brands.

Get references

Before you finalize on the floor sanding company that you want to use you should check their references. Ask them for a list of clients and speak to a few of them to check on how good their services really are. Check on the kind of materials they use, the kind of staff that they send over and their timelines. Choose the company only after you are fully satisfied that they meet all your requirements.



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