Sanding Wood Floors for Beautiful Floor Sanding

The key to a beautiful wood floor is to follow simple steps that are done with expertise and attention to detail.  Floor sanding can deliver impressive results on every condition of wood floors.  Some floors need more work than others; yet each floor is its own distinct masterpiece.  Our professionals will show how floor sanding will reveal a new floor for you.  

Repairing or Gap Filling

The first step to floor sanding is to repair the floor.  This is done by fastening any loose boards using head nails.  Any board considered too damaged, whether split or hazardous, are replaced with quality pine.  The next step is gap filling.  The method of gap filling is determined by the size of the gap.  Gaps that are up to 5 mm can be filled with a blend of resin and saw dust.  For larger gaps, 5 to 12 mm, they are filled by adding and gluing wood shard which are sanded in the next step.

Three Stages of Sanding

Our experts in floor sanding continue the process with three stages of sanding.  The first stage of sanding utilized a course grade sanding belt; the second stage incorporated a medium grade.  Finally, a fine grade sanding belt is used.  The three stages of sanding are used by our professionals because it produces the best result in wood restoration.

Staining and Sealing

Once the floor sanding has been completed, the stain and or finish must be chosen.  There are many factors to consider when making this decision.  You should consider:  the drying time of the product applied, affordability, suitability for areas with heavy traffic, appearance, resistance to scuffing, long-lasting and whether you want the product to be free from biocides or preservatives due to the presence of children.



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