Tips to Transform Your Property with Floor Restoration

Today’s busy lifestyle means more entertaining at home. Whether it is a holiday party or a potluck dinner with other couples, you want your house to look its loveliest. A beautiful wood floor always takes center stage and is admired by visitors. There are many ways that wood floor restoration can transform your home magnificently. 

Perfecting Parquet Floors

Parquetry is flooring made of wood pieces in a mosaic pattern that are geometric and angular. It is a stunning effect if the wood is in excellent condition. If your parquet floor is not in peak condition, consider wood floor restoration to bring this creative wood flooring back to its glory. There are many patterns of parquet floors including block patterns and the baroque patterns of rhombs, Monaco and Monticello. Herringbone is also a very popular pattern. 

An Enchanting Staircase

Imagine entering your two-story home and gazing at a gleaming staircase, the result of wood floor restoration. This dream can become a reality. Our services include two different options for stair stripping. The first option is to sand the outside of the treads and risers leaving the middle section untreated so that it can be covered with carpet. The second option is to sand the entire tread and risers. Either way, your staircase will become a focal point in your home.

Hearth No More

Many homes have the remnants of a hearth from long ago. It is no longer functional and is quite unattractive. It may leave a gaping hole with exposed concrete. You never knew what you were going to do with this area. Our services include expertise in concrete hearth removal. Once the hearth and surrounding flooring are removed, wood floor restoration can be begun. After sanding the area, boards are added to match the surrounding area. 



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