Restoring your real wood floor

A real wood floor requires maintenance including wood floor restoration. That is because floors receive a lot of wear and tear that occurs due to normal everyday life. Kids, parties as well as the stream of people that come in and out of our homes are all contributors to this. Consider all the damage that typical floors have to endure.


Wood floors occasionally develop small issues. Planks could splinter or nail may become loose. Holes placed in the floor for Internet, phone lines or cable may no longer be needed. Sometimes, it was wood floor being scuffed up by high heels or items being dropped on it. There may even be water damage.   Wood floor restoration which includes floor sanding will take care of this.  Boards can be fixed or replaced.  Nails can be reinstated or new nails substituted. 

Stain Refurbish

Wood floors are so lovely when first re-done. Over long periods of time, a wood floor’s stain may start to fade. One common cause is sunlight. Additionally, there may be stains inflicted upon the wood floor.  Some of the causes of discoloration include pet urine, coffee, juice and watermarks. We all love to open up the drapery and let the sun shine in. It can take a toll on wood floors. Wood floor restoration done by our professionals includes re-staining. You will be so delighted with the results; it is like having a brand new floor!


Preservation of your Investment

For many people, their house is their primary investment. Protect your investment by sealing your floor by contracting with professional. A wood floor restoration will seal your floors. A barrier against water and dust will protect the integrity of the wood floor. Damaged flooring can be restored to the bare wood effectively with long-lasting results.  




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