Picking Wood Flooring for Your Home

You have decided that you want wood flooring. This is the first of your decisions; you have to choose the company who will actually perform the wood floor sanding, what type of wood flooring you want, if you are restoring your current wood floors and what level of shine do you want. 

Wood Sources


There are many different types of wood. The classic hardwoods include red oak, white oak, maple and ash. These are the traditional woods whose splendor can be restored with wood floor sanding. In addition, new hardwood floors are also seeing an emergence in popularity. In particular, bamboo is becoming quite a favorite among the woods for hardwood floors. 

Limits to Location of Hardwoods


Wood floor sanding can restore any wood floor to its magnificence. Wood floors can be placed throughout your home with one major exception. It should be noted that hardwood floor are not suggested as flooring over concrete or in areas where moisture can be a problem, such as in basements.


Finish Choices

The finish of hardwood floor is very important.  It is a factor of how the wood will wear and look over time.  For example, some finishes has a shorter life which will require refurbishing and wood floor sanding more frequently than other finishes. A factory finished that is cured with ultra violet lights is called UV-cured. A popular finish, polyurethane is durable and tough.  Acrylic-urethane is similar to polyurethane with its durability strength, but is made of a slightly different chemical composition. The finish of aluminum oxide is usually reserved for higher quality wood floors and protects the floor against abrasion. Acrylic impregnated is the most unique finish; an acrylic organic molecule substance is infused into the cell structure of the wood. This improves the solidity of the wood.  


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