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The heart of the law in England separates the cities of London and Westminster. Since its founding in the Fantastic Floor Sanding Quote in Temple EC214th century to train lawyers, the Inner and Middle temple have been two of the great Inns of Court.

Within this haven between Fleet St and the river, the most splendid building is Middle Temple Hall of 1562.  Perhaps the finest surviving Elizabethan hall in the country, it boasts a double hammerbeam roof, galleries Delightful dust free floor sanding services in Temple EC2and a magnificent carved oak screen.

Tradition is the watchword here and extends to other local buildings in the form of wooden floors. Beautiful yet practical; easy to maintain and hard-wearing; they enhance properties old and new – in both domestic and commercial settings.

But feet – legal and layman – inflict wear over time. When your floors - whether parquet blocks or hardwood or engineered boards – need a facelift, there is a simple solution? Wood floor repair and restoration in Temple.

This is a job for the experts – so call on a professional floor sanding company.

Sanding Wood Floors provide the complete wood floor restoration service in the Temple EC4.Excellent Before & After Floor Sanding Gallery

Sanding floorboards with our modern machines is virtually dustfree and your floor will soon enjoy its original condition.  It may even be an improvement, as wooden floor restoration techniques and products are now far superior to those available when many floors were first installed.

If you have a period floor - such as the parquet blocks so popular from the 1930s to 1950s - we strive to Temple EC2 Pleasing Wooden Floors Varnishingtrack down original floor materials from reclaimed sources. This ensures an authentic match in restoring parquet floors.

And loss of business through disruption and closure will be minimal. We can work overnight or at weekends to suit your schedules.

Ask us for a free assessment of your floors. You’ll get the best advice on sanding and finishes from a floor sanding company with over 20 years’ experience.

And our aftercare surface will make sure you enjoy the benefits of your floor for years to come.

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Useful facts about Temple:

  • The Temple is an area of central London, in the vicinity of Temple Church, which is one of the main legal districts of the capital and a notable centre for English law, both historically and in the present day. Two of the four Inns of Court, the Inner Temple and the Middle Temple, are located here and the Royal Courts of Justice are just to the north. The rough boundaries of the wider Temple district are the River Thames (the Victoria Embankment) to the south, Surrey Street to the west, Strand and Fleet Street to the north, and Carmelite Street and Whitefriars Street to the east.

  • The Temple was originally the precinct of the Knights Templar whose Temple Church was named in honour of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. The Knights had two halls, whose modern successors are the Middle Temple Hall and the Inner Temple Hall. Only the Inner Temple Hall preserves elements of the medieval hall on the site, however . Upon dissolution of the Knights Templar, the Temple passed into the hands of the Knights Hospitaller. By the fourteenth century, lawyers were already recorded as in residence in the Temple. When the Knights Hospitaller departed, the barristers remained. Their current tenure dates from a charter granted to them by James I in 1608.

  • The core of the district lies in the City of London and consists of two Inns of Court: Inner Temple (eastern part) and Middle Temple (western part). The Temple Church is roughly central to these two inns and is governed by both of them. The Inns each have their own gardens, dining halls, libraries and administrative offices, all located in their part of the Temple. Most of the land is, however, taken up by buildings in which barristers practise from sets of rooms known as chambers.

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