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London revels in its numerous street markets but the most famous remains Portobello Road. Perfect Floor Sanding Quote in W12 North Kensington
It is the focal point of the area: here one can buy practically anything of antique value - or with some claim to be so.

This is one of the most cosmopolitan areas of London with an ever changing influx of new arrivals. Dominated by solid Victorian and Edwardian buildings, one constant remains the use of timber in construction, with wooden floors still popular in both commercial and domestic buildings.Attractive dust free floor sanding services in North Kensington

The most natural and hygienic of surfaces, they combine beauty with utility; durability with ease of maintenance.

And when wear and neglect turn them into a sad reminder of their former glory?  Whether they are suffering from marks, scratches or structural damage, it’s time for action. For wood floors in homes, offices, bars, pubs or cafes, modern floor sanding will bring them back to life.

So call the Kensington floor sanding company.  Sanding Wood Floors provide the complete wood floor repair and restoration service in North Kensington W12.

After repairs to parquet blocks or hardwood boards, the wood isElegance Before & After Floor Sanding Gallery sanded to strip away the old sealant to leave a smooth surface. We then apply the protective finish of your choice: hard wearing lacquer; or the natural beauty of oil or wax.

Our modern sanding machines produce a minimum of dust and disruption.  And with flexible working - at evenings or weekends if required - we minimise any closure and loss of business.

After 20 years’ of restoring wood floors in all kinds of settings, we can transform your wood floor from any condition. For period floors, as inNorth Kensington Incredible Wood Floor Sanding and Varnishing parquet floor restoration, matching blocks and boards from our sources of original floor materials ensure an authentic match.

So call us today for your free assessment. You will get the best
advice – and a new floor created with supreme workmanship and top

quality materials.

As for aftercare, ask us for the latest news on floor products and
materials. We want to ensure your floor continues to give good
service for years to come.

Call on Floor Sanding Specialists for the complete floor renovation service throughout North Kensington W12.

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North Kensington W12

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Did you know about North Kensington?

  • North Kensington is an area of west London lying north of Notting Hill Gate and south of Harrow Road. North Kensington is the key neighbourhood of Notting Hill. It is where most of the violence of the Notting Hill race riots of 1958 occurred, where the Notting Hill Carnival started and where most of the scenes in the film Notting Hill were shot.

  • Even the area’s main transport hub, Ladbroke Grove tube station, was originally called Notting Hill from its opening in 1864 until 1880, and Notting Hill & Ladbroke Grove between then and 1919, when it was renamed Ladbroke Grove (North Kensington). It acquired its current more simple name in 1938. The area was also once served by St. Quintin Park and Wormwood Scrubs railway station, until it closed in 1940.

  • North Kensington was once an area well known for its slum housing, as documented in the photographs of Roger Mayne, but housing prices have now risen and the area is considered exclusive and upscale. Waves of immigrants have arrived for at least a century including, but certainly not limited to, the Spanish, the Irish, the Jews, the West Indians, the Moroccans and many from the Horn of Africa and Eastern Europe. This constant renewal of the population makes the area one of the most cosmopolitan in the world.

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