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Classy dust free floor sanding services in Milton KeynesThe city may be the first to come to mind as a symbol of modern England - but itsStunning Floor Sanding Quote in Milton Keynes buildings in both the newer areas and former villages remain part of a great tradition. Timber retains its essential role in construction - with wooden floors as popular as ever.

Still unrivalled for combining natural beauty with the practical needs of Milton Keynes Alluring Wooden Floors Varnishingmodern life, they offer hygiene, ease of maintenance and extreme durability. Developing character as they age, they add value to all kinds of commercial and domestic properties.

If your floors - In an office, home, gym, bar, or restaurant - are looking  shabby, marked or suffering more serious damage, then it’s time to bring them back to life. The solution? Restoration from a professional Milton Keynes floor sanding company.  

Call on Sanding Wood Floors for the complete wood floor repair and refinishing service in Milton Keynes.



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Delightful Before & After Floor Sanding GalleryHaving restored all kinds of wooden floors - from parquet blocks to hardwood boards – over the past twenty years,  we can advise you on the right treatment. Sanding floorboards strips away the old layers of paint and sealants to leave a smooth bare finish. It’s then ready for a new level of protection from lacquer, oil orFantastic Floor Sanding Services in Milton Keynes hard wax.

We provide all you may need: repairs or replacement of damaged timber; gaps filled to prevent draughts; staining for a change of colour - all performed with the minimum of fuss. Our machines offer dustfree sanding – and we keep disruption to a minimum by working flexible hours. Weekend or overnight sanding will make sure your closure and loss of business will be minimal.

As for period floors – such as parquet floor refinishing – we restore to an authentic finish. By sourcing the original blocks to match, your new floor will look as good as the original.

So call us today for your free assessment.  We’ll answer your questions, meet your budget – and use only top quality products. You’ll be proud to display your new floor to visitors and customers.

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Useful facts about Milton Keynes:

  • Milton Keynes, sometimes abbreviated MK, is a town in Buckinghamshire, about 45 miles (72 km) north-west of London. It is the administrative centre of the Borough of Milton Keynes. It was formally designated as a new town on 23 January 1967, with the design brief to become a 'city' in scale. At designation, its 89 km2 (34 sq mi) area incorporated the existing towns of Bletchley, Wolverton and Stony Stratford along with another fifteen villages and farmland in between. It took its name from the existing village of Milton Keynes, a few miles east of the planned centre.

  • In the 1960s, the British government decided that a further generation of new towns in the south-east of England was needed to relieve housing congestion in London. Since the 1950s, overspill housing for several London boroughs had been constructed in Bletchley. Further studies in the 1960s identified north Buckinghamshire as a possible site for a large new town, a new city,encompassing the existing towns of Bletchley, Stony Stratford and Wolverton. The New Town (informally, "New City") was to be the biggest yet, with a target population of 250,000, in a 'designated area' of 21,850 acres. The name "Milton Keynes" was taken from the existing village of Milton Keynes on the site.

  • The area that was to become Milton Keynes encompassed a landscape that has a rich historic legacy. The area to be developed was largely farmland and undeveloped villages, but with evidence of permanent settlement dating back to the Bronze Age. Before construction began, every area was subject to detailed archaeological investigation: doing so has provided a unique insight into the history of a large sample of the landscape of south-central England.

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