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Splendid dust free floor sanding services in StainesIf a well-maintained and cared for wooden floor adds value and class to a Pleasing Floor Sanding Quote in Stainesproperty – one that has become tired and worn is a liability. It offers a depressing sight that symbolises neglect and decline.

So when your floors are underperforming, you can transform the Staines Attractive Wooden Floors Varnishingm in only a few days. Staines floor sanding strips away the old layers of muck, paint and sealant to smooth bare wood.  The floor will then look new from the fresh protection offered by lacquer, oil or hardwax.

This is a job for skilled professionals – so you need a floor sanding company for repair and restoration.

For all your wood floor sanding and refinishing needs, Sanding Wood Floors are your first choice in Staines.



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Whether your floors are hardwood boards or parquet blocks - in an office, school, domestic building, gym or Amazing Before & After Floor Sanding Galleryrestaurant - we offer the complete service.  For over twenty years, we have repaired damaged timber, filled in gaps to prevent draughts; and stained for a Beauteous Floor Sanding Services in Stainesnew look.

As for dust and mess, our modern cylinder sanding machines offer efficient dustfree sanding. And we will ensure any inconvenience and loss of trade will be minimal. We offer flexible hours and will work around your schedule at weekends or overnight – for the shortest period of closure.

Parquetry floor restoration - and that of other period floors - is one of our specialties. By sourcing matching blocks, we give your new floor an authentic look to match the original. Perhaps even better - given the improvements in both floor care products and restoration techniques.

So ask us today for your free assessment. We will answer your questions, find a package to suit your budget – and give you the very best advice for your particular flooring needs.  

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Did you know about Staines?

  • Staines is a town on the River Thames in the borough of Spelthorne in Surrey, England (historically in Middlesex). The town changed its official name from Staines to Staines-upon-Thames on 20 May 2012. The town is within the western bounds of the M25 motorway and located 17 miles (27 km) west south-west of Charing Cross in London. It is within the London Commuter Belt of South East England and the built-up Greater London Urban Area. It is located on the Thames Path National Trail.

  • The situation of the town as a major crossing point over the River Thames, its position on the main road from London to the southwest, and its proximity to Windsor has led to the town being involved in national affairs. The barons assembled there before they met King John at Runnymede in 1215, and Stephen Langton held a consecration there shortly after the issue of Magna Carta. Sir Thomas More was tried in 1535 in a Staines public house, to avoid the outbreak of plague in London at that time. Kings and other important people must have passed through the town on many occasions: the church bells were rung several times in 1670, for instance, when the king and queen went through Staines.

  • The town was the major producer of linoleum, a type of floor covering, after the formation of the Linoleum Manufacturing Company in 1864 by its inventor, Frederick Walton. Linoleum became the main industry of the town and was a major employer in the area up until the 1960s. In 1876 about 220 and in 1911 about 350 people worked in the plant. By 1957 it employed some 300 people and in 1956 the factory produced about 2675 m2 of linoleum each week. The term 'Staines Lino' became a worldwide name but the factory was closed around 1970 and is now the site of the Two Rivers shopping centre completed circa 2000. A bronze statue of two lino workers in Staines High Street commemorates the Staines Lino Factory. The Spelthorne Museum has a display dedicated to the Linoleum Manufacturing Company.

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