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Outstanding dust free floor sanding services in KingstonAmong its buildings, Kingston enjoys many medieval and later survivoAmazing Floor Sanding Quote in Kingstonrs: the Parish Church, chantry chapel, tudor Conduit houses and 1668 almshouses. All tell the story of the centuries of developments in English social relations – and design and construction.

One constant is timber – in frames, roofs and floors. Wooden floors, in partiKingston Wonderful Wooden Floors Varnishingcular, have immense value for durability, decoration and the withstanding of unforgiving feet. A well-maintained floor can also be viewed as an investment; adding value to a property as it matures. The character of a floor enhances the quality of all kinds of buildings - ancient and modern - as we see in homes, offices, bars, restaurants and galleries.

So make sure your floors - whether hardwood or engineered boards; parquet or herringbone blocks - are up to doing their job. Don’t allow them to remain grey, shabby, marked or damaged. Wood floor repair and restoration will bring them back to life.

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Whatever the condition of your floors, we can give you the best advice for their treatment and restoration. Sanding wooden floorboards strips away the old layers of paint, dirt and seaAlluring Floor Sanding Services in Kingstonlant to a smooth bare finish. The surface may then be stained for a change of colour – and finally given a new protective sealant of hard wax, natural oil or lacquer.

Today’s sanding is no longer dusty and messy - with the efficient collection system of our modern cylinder machines. And we work flexible hours to suit your routine. Weekends or even overnight is possible – for minimal inconvenience and loss of business.

Your period floor will be in safe hands. For restoring parquet flooring, we will track down replacement blocks from reclaimed timber suppliers. Your new floor will have an authentic look to match the original.

So ask us today for your free assessment. We will work to your budget, with top quality floor products and immaculate workmanship. Your floor will last, keep its looks and give great service for years.

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Useful facts about Kingston:

  • With its southern border on the edge of green belt countryside, Kingston is more like a part of Surrey than London. It`s a popular commuter location, with some good schools, fast links to the centre of London and one of the best shopping district outside central London. Once an attractive market area with a royal charter and still boasting one of the best-preserved medieval street plans in the south-east, Kingston has enjoyed extensive redevelopment in recent years and today is a dynamic and modern area, with a host of recreational facilities.

  • Kingston is one of the safest London boroughs, with the lowest overall crime rate at the start of 2010, and lowest rates for burglary and stolen cars. Much of the street crime in the borough involves teenagers and includes the theft of mobile phones and graffiti. An extensive network of CCTV cameras is helping reduce street crime and an anti-graffiti strategy has been developed.

  • John Galsworthy the author was born on Kingston Hill and Jacqueline Wilson grew up, and went to school in Kingston and still lives there today. Both are commemorated at Kingston University – Galsworthy in the newest building and Wilson in the main hall. Also commemorated at the University is photographer Eadweard Muybridge who was born at Kingston and changed the spelling of his first name in reference to the name of the Saxon king on the Coronation Stone. He was a pioneer in the photography of the moving image. R. C. Sheriff the playwright is also associated with Kingston, writing his first play to support Kingston Rowing Club. An earlier writer born in Kingston was John Cleland.


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