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As one of the traditional features of English building for centuries – they are durable, easy to maintain, hygienic (no need for carpets) and exude beauty and class.

Yet they do repay care and attention. Are your floors up to scratch? Or have the scratches taken over? Don’t Exquisite Dust free floor sanding services in Neasden NW2allow them to labour under the nasty effects of time and wear. When they have a shabby look, marks or more serious damage, the solution is at hand. Wood flooring and restoration from a professional floor sanding company.   

Call on Sanding Wood Floors for the complete wood floor refinishing and polishing service in Neasden NW2.

Whether your floor is in a home, office, shop, pub or restaurant; we will repair and replace any damaged timber. Gaps may be filled to prevent draughts – and then sanding removes the old layers of paint and sealant.

The bare, smooth surface may then be stained – and finished with your choice of protective sealants: natural oil, wax or lacquer.

This work is virtually dust free with the unique collection system from our cylinder sanding machines. And ask us about working flexible hours - during evenings or weekends - to keep any disruption and loss of businessExcellent Before & After Floor Sanding Gallery to a minimum.  

For your period floors, as in parquet floor resurfacing, we will replace damaged timber with original reclaimed materials. Your new floor may be better than when first laid down, given the improvements in floor products and restoration techniques.

Ask us for your free assessment today. Make use of our 20 years’ experience of working on all kinds of floors. You will get the best advice and a restoration package to meet your budget – for a new floor to last and offer wonderful long term value.Neasden NW2 Magnetic Wooden Floors Sealing & Waxing

Call on Sanding Wood Floors for the complete floor renovation service throughout Neasden NW2

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Did you know about Neasden?

  • Neasden is an area in northwest London, UK. It forms part of the London Borough of Brent The area was recorded as Neasdun in 939 AD and the name is derived from the Old English nos = 'nose' and dkn = 'hill'. It means 'the nose-shaped hill' referring to a well-defined landmark of this area. In 1750, it was known as Needsden and the present spelling appeared at a later date.

  • Neasden was a countryside hamlet on the western end of the Dollis Hill ridge. The land was owned by St. Paul's Cathedral. In medieval times, the village consisted only of several small buildings around the green near the site of the present Neasden roundabout. Neasden was once nicknamed ‘the loneliest village in London.

  • In the 15th–17th century the Roberts family were the major landowners in the area. Thomas Roberts erected Neasden House (on the site of the modern Clifford Court) in the reign of Henry VIII. In 1651 Sir William Roberts bought confiscated church lands. After the Restoration the estates were returned to the ownership of the Church but were leased out to the Roberts family. Sir William improved Neasden House and by 1664 it was one of the largest houses in the Willesden parish.

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