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Deptford has more to offer than dockland history with its two splendid churches - St Paul’s being possibly theWonderful Floor Sanding Quote in Deptford SE8 finest baroque example in London - and surviving timber-framed buildings in Tanner’s Hill. These remind us of the value of wood in construction, with wooden floors as popular as ever in all kinds of domestic and commercial buildings. 

If you have one or more of these attractive and practical features in your home, shop, office, school, bar or Attractive dust free floor sanding services in Deptford SE8restaurant, it’s an asset worthy of care and maintenance. As the only floor surface that develops character and improves with age, timber has the potential to add value. 

So when your floors begin to showing the ill effects of careless feet and scraping furniture - the solution is a call away.

Sanding Wood Floors provide the complete wood floor repair and restoration service in Deptford SE8.


Whatever your type of floor – hard and softwood boards, parquet blocks, bamboo or cork - we can bring it back to life from any condition. From our twenty years of sanding floorboards, we offer the best advice on the appropriate restoration package for your floors. This may include repairs to damaged timber, gaps filled - and staining for a change of colour.Classy Before & After Floor Sanding Gallery

Sanding itself strips away removes the old layers of dirt, paint and sealant to leave bare wood. A dusty and messy process? Not with our efficient cylinder machines that collect virtually all dust. Disruptive and inconvenient? Allow us to fit our work around your domestic and business schedule – at weekends or overnight – for a minimal period of closure and loss of business.

Deptford SE8 Elegance Wooden Floors Varnishing

For your period floor, we specialise in mosaic, herringbone and wood parquet floor sanding. With the matching blocks to repair damaged areas, we’ll create a new floor whose authentic look may surpass the original.

Ask us today for your free assessment. We’ll answer your questions and give you a hardwearing floor that will do a great job for years to come.

Call on Sanding Wood Floors for the complete wood floor finishing service throughout Deptford SE8.

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Did you know about Deptford?

  • Deptford is a district of south east London, England, on the south bank of the River Thames. It is named after a ford of the River Ravensbourne, and from the mid 16th to the late 19th century was home to Deptford Dockyard, the first of the Royal Navy Dockyards. Deptford and the docks are associated with the knighting of Sir Francis Drake by Queen Elizabeth I aboard the Golden Hind, the legend of Sir Walter Raleigh laying down his cape for Elizabeth, Captain James Cook's third voyage aboard Resolution, and the mysterious murder of Christopher Marlowe in a house along Deptford Strand.

  • Deptford began life as a ford of the Ravensbourne along the route of the Celtic ancient trackway that developed into the medieval Watling Street; it was part of the pilgrimage route to Canterbury from London used by the pilgrims in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, and is mentioned in the Prologue to the "Reeve's Tale". The ford developed into first a wooden then a stone bridge, and in 1497 saw the Battle of Deptford Bridge, in which rebels from Cornwall, led by Michael An Gof, marched on London protesting against punitive taxes, but were soundly beaten by the King's forces.

  • The Manor of Deptford or West Greenwich was bestowed by William the Conqueror upon Gilbert de Magminot or Maminot, bishop of Lisieux, one of the eight barons associated with John de Fiennes for the defense of Dover Castle. Maminot held the head of his barony at Deptford and according to John Lyon writing in 1814, he built himself a castle, or castellated mansion at Deptford, of which all traces had by then long since been buried in their ruins, but from the remains of some ancient foundations which had been discovered the site was probably on the brow of Broomfield, near the Mast Dock and adjacent to Sayes Court.


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