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The box trees on the hill have been valued over the centuries for specialist use in weavers’ shuttles, SpitfireDelightful Floor Sanding Quote in Dorking propellers, wind instruments and blocks for engravings. Oak and pine play a more prosaic role in local buildings, with the enduring popularity of wooden floors.

From hardwood and softwood to mosaic and parquet - they are a practical enhancement in all kinds of settings: the home, office, school, bar, café, shop, gallery or gym.  Alluring dust free floor sanding services in Dorking

And, as the only floor surface that can improve with age, they can add value to a property - and be viewed as a sound investment.

As long as they are well-maintained. If your asset is looking below par - from dull to scratched or damaged - bring on the fresh new look. With wood floor repair and restoration from a floor sanding company.

Call on Sanding Wood Floors for the complete wood floor sanding and polishing service in Dorking.

Whatever your floors need: repairs, gaps filled, staining for a new colour - we’ll provide the appropriate advice and treatment from our twenty years in the business.

Sanding itself strips away the old layers of paint, dirt and sealant to a smooth level finish. The bare surAdorable Before & After Floor Sanding Galleryface is then sealed with a new protective layer of wax, oil or lacquer.

Have no fear about disruption and mess. Our machines collect virtually all dust. And we keep disruption to a minimum by working flexible hours - at weekends or even overnight. Any closure will result in the shortest possible period of inconvenience and loss of business.

You have a period floor? As our speciality lies in restoring herringbone, mosaic and parquet wood floor refreshing - allow us to bring it back to life. We’ll replace all damaged blocks with original materials.  Your new floor - given the improvements in floor care products and techniques - may even surpass the original.Dorking Adorable Wooden Floors Varnishing

So ask us today for your free assessment. We undertake restoration with only top quality floor products. To last longer, look better and provide superb long term value.

Call on Sanding Wood Floors when you need a floor sanding company in Dorking:

 * a free assessment at your home
 * set prices to meet your budget
 * the best advice on repairs, restoration and sealing
 * friendly, efficient teams working to the highest standards
 * modern machinery producing minimal mess and disruption.
 * maintenance tips and advice for your restored floor
*   Phone or email for a no obligation quote.*
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For a truly professional job in Dorking - contact us today!

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Did you know about Dorking?

  • Dorking is a historic market town at the foot of the North Downs approximately 21 miles (34 km)south of London, in Surrey, England. Dorking began as a small staging post on Stane Street, the Roman road between London and Chichester on the English Channel. Dorking appears in Domesday Book of 1086 as the Manor of Dorchinges. It was held by William the Conqueror. Its Domesday assets were: one church, three mills worth 15s 4d, 16 ploughs, 3 acres (1.2 ha) of meadow, woodland and herbage for 88 hogs. It rendered £18.

  • Dorking held a big wheat and cattle market in the High Street. The poultry market was held in the corner of South Street and round Butter Hill. Here the famous Dorking fowl were sold. This breed, which has 5 claws instead of the normal four, was a favourite for 19th century tables, including that of Queen Victoria. Dorking was an urban district from 1894 to 1974.

  • Dorking lost its stagecoaches when the railways arrived, but now attracted wealthy residents who built large houses in and around Dorking, such as Denbies House and Pippbrook House (now with Council Offices in the grounds). Surrounding land and beauty spots such as Cotmandene and Box Hill were donated by landowners for public use, protected by the Metropolitan Green Belt and AONB designation of the North Downs and Greensand Ridge.


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