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Excellent dust free floor sanding services in Cheshunt You could be forgiven for expecting Cheshunt's name to be connected in some way with theExquisite Floor Sanding Quote in Cheshunt Chestnut tree, but sadly for tree and timber fans, it seems their similarity is purely co-incidental! It is more likely that the modern-day name derives from an older spelling Cestrehunt, meaning 'castle erected by Romans'.

However, that isn’t the end of the ‘wooden’ connection for this pretty town, and there areCheshunt Ideal Wooden Floors Varnishing plenty of Cheshunt residents who are lucky enough to own beautiful wooden floors in their homes and businesses. And that’s where we can help.

The name hints back to the early days of Cheshunt as a small community on the Roman road of Ermine Street. Today, 21st Century retailers looking to capitalise on Cheshunt's legacy of wooden flooring find that our parquet floor restoration can help to produce premises befitting of a highly respected retail brand. Sanding wooden floors is just one way to achieve this on a tight refurbishment budget, and our floor sanding in Cheshunt has helped plenty of retailers make a good first impression on the town with high-gloss floors that are free of damage and look spectacular!

It's not just retail premises that can make use of our floor sanding in Cheshunt, however. We have expert teams who have the skills and experience to carry out that most delicate of procedures - parquet flooring restoration. This is an equally worthy investment in residential properties, and in premises where parquet floors are commonly found such as local schools, colleges and youth clubs.
Our wooden floor restoration and refinishing skills can bring such venues up to the desired standard very economically, while our wood floor polishing is by no means a compromise in terms of the visual appeal of the finished, waxed and polished surface.

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About Cheshunt

Delightful Before & After Floor Sanding GalleryLike many British towns and cities, Cheshunt faced its greatest threat during World War II, not directly from the Germans, but because of a US Air Force B-24 Liberator bomber that very nearly crashed on to the town! The neighbouring B198, which passes close to where Alluring restored wooden floors in Cheshuntthe aircraft eventually ditched, was later renamed Lieutenant Ellis Way, in honour of the pilot who steered the plane away from Cheshunt itself, but who ultimately died in the crash as one of the ten crew fatalities.

There are several local schools and colleges, giving Cheshunt its fair share of parquet floors in need of maintenance, so our specialist teams are kept busy! The local Church of England Bishop's College occupied buildings that formerly housed the theological Cheshunt College until the late 1960s, and the premises are now part of the local council offices.

Perhaps Cheshunt's best-known modern-day resident, however, is pop singer Cliff Richard, who lived in one of the town's council houses in the 1950s. He attended the then Cheshunt Secondary Modern School, which has undergone several name changes since - as has Cliff! The singer, who was then known as Harry Webb, later worked in the offices of Atlas Lamps, and now has the honour of having a housing development named after him in his home town. Residents of Cheshunt's High St may well have Cliff Richard Court as a line in their address, giving this one famous face an unusual degree of significance across the local area's educational, office and residential properties.

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While our floor sanding and polishing service teams may not move it and groove it, they will bring your wooden floors up to shimmering brilliance for a very reasonable price. Our experts are more than just handymen – they’re passionate about what they do too. We have years of experience, and use the best equipment to deliver a high standard of finished quality.

This includes our no-obligation quotation service, where we can let you know exactly how much a job is likely to cost based on your unique criteria. Call us now to find out more, or browse our website for details.

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Did you know about Cheshunt?

  • Cheshunt  is a town in the Borough of Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England with a population of around 52,000 according to the United Kingdom's 2001 Census. It is a dormitory town and part of the Greater London Urban Area and London commuter belt served by Cheshunt railway station. The town is located 13 miles (21 km) from Charing Cross, making it one of the closest parts of Hertfordshire to Central London.

  • The town name comes from the Old English name (as recorded in the Domesday Book) for the area, Cestrehunt, which probably refers to a "castle, erected by the Romans", the word cestre (along with the form ceastre), or even its modern forms, chester and caster being derived from the Latin castrum meaning "fort". This is commemorated in the arms of the former Cheshunt urban district council.

  • Cheshunt's best-known employer is Tesco, whose head office has been in Cheshunt for many years. A small store has been in the town centre for many years and is still open today, together with "Home 'n' Wear" store (now closed)which was situated across the Old Pond in College Road. In 1983 a new out-of-town Tesco store located to the north of the town opened, named "Brookfield Farm". It later expanded, and a branch of Marks & Spencer built next door, the entire estate renamed "The Brookfield Centre".

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