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Classy dust free floor sanding services in BrentwoodBrentwood's name gives this community a direct association with wood - not only in terms Fascinating Floor Sanding Quote in Brentwoodof the name itself, but also in its meaning. Brentwood literally comes from the Middle English for 'burnt wood', and probably refers to the first settlers in the area, who are likely to have lived in a clearing amongst the trees.

While their main industry was probably charcoal, wood is these days more likely to be used in the area for decorative purposes in construction. Calling in our experts to carry outBrentwood Ideal Wooden Floors Varnishing some parquet floor restoration is a great way to make sure your floors remain as decorative as possible, even if they have suffered damage. Sanding wooden floors can leave them ready for a fresh coat of wax or polish, and our team are ready to help with floor sanding in Brentwood, even if your floors are fairly heavily damaged.

With the assistance of our experts, floor sanding in Brentwood will bring your floors back to their beautiful best. Even deep scratches, stains and scuffs can be buffed away, bringing hardwood floorboards back to as-new appearance as an economical but effective alternative to replacing them completely.

Parquet flooring restoration can be faster, easier and cleaner than tearing up a valuable decorative inlaid floor and replacing it from scratch, while the finished product is no less aesthetically appealing, and our team can handle all of the restoration work to leave you with no mess to clean up.
Ask us about wood floor restoration and refinishing for domestic and business properties alike, and we can advise you on whether our wood floor polishing is appropriate for your needs, how effective the outcome is likely to be, and how much the whole process will cost you. Even for severely damaged floors, you might be surprised at just how well floor sanding can work.

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About Brentwood

Attractive Before & After Floor Sanding GalleryBrentwood has come a long way since its first days as a charcoal-burning workshop in a forest clearing. The parish church was officially granted status as a cathedral in 1917, and was modified as recently as 1991 in a classical style, to help it befit this status. Nearby Magnetic restored wooden floors in BrentwoodIngatestone Hall has served as an overnight residence for several monarchs, including Queen Mary in 1553 and Queen Elizabeth I in 1561.

Ingatestone Hall has also made several appearances in popular culture, including acting as the exterior of the titular Bleak House in the 2005 television production of the classic Dickens novel. Looking to the present day, Brentwood combines a rural feel that harks back to its early days with a more suburban, commuter-driven built environment. Many of its residential properties are owned outright by relatively affluent families, often with more than one car per household, and a large number of its homes are sizable detached properties.

High Street regeneration has seen some older buildings demolished to allow for the road to be widened, demonstrating the threat posed by progress to Brentwood's older structures. Ensuring its historical premises continue to serve their tenants and owners to a high standard could prove crucial as the 21st Century progresses, as they continue to fight for the right to exist alongside modern-day new-build properties aimed at meeting the needs of commuters and local businesses alike.

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Our floor sanding and polishing service is carried out by an experienced team with a high level of expertise, helping to make sure that your floor is left in good hands and that any work carried out has positive effects.

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Did you know about Brentwood?

  • Brentwood is a town and the principal settlement of the Borough of Brentwood, in the county of Essex in the east of England. It is located in the London commuter belt, 20 miles (30 km) east north-east of Charing Cross, and near the M25 motorway. Brentwood is an affluent suburban town with a small but expanding shopping area and high street. Beyond this is extensive sprawling residential development entirely surrounded by open countryside and woodland; some penetrating to within only a few hundred yards of the town centre.

  • The name was assumed by antiquaries in the 1700s to derive from a corruption of the words 'burnt' and 'wood', with the name Burntwood still visible on some 18th century maps. However, "brent" was the middle English for "burnt". The name describes the presumed reason for settlement in the part of the Forest of Essex (later Epping Forest) that would have covered the area, where the main occupation was charcoal burning. An alternative meaning of "brent" is "holy one", which could refer to the chapel dedicated to Thomas Becket, for the use of pilgrims to Canterbury.

  • Although a Bronze Age axe has been found in Brentwood and there are clear signs of an entrenched encampment in Weald Country Park it is considered unlikely that there was any significant early settlement of the area which was originally covered by the Great Forest covering most of Essex at that time. Rather it is believed that despite the Roman road between London and Colchester passing through, the Saxons were the earliest settlers of the area. Robert Graves, in his book I, Claudius, refers to Brentwood as the site of the battle where Claudius defeated the Ancient Britons in 44 AD. However, Graves also states that names and places in the book are sometimes fictitious.

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