Preparing for a new wood floor installationSuch a little thing - but even a small scratch can mar the appearance of your beautiful shinyExquisite Floor Sanding Quote wooden floor. They tend to appear over time – from no specific damaging event but the continual wear from footwear and the moving of furniture.

And that minor damage can lead to an unsightly larger mark, if the surface is broken deep enough to allow the entry of dirt and dust.Sanding Wood Floors is using mainly natural eco friendly finishes by Osmo, Blanchon, Bona and Junckers providing kids and pets safe floors.

It looks even worse on a newly laid floor, so nip it in the bud. Whether from a scratch, water mark or scrape, make sure it is dealt with in the right way. A professional floor restoration firm will know exactly what to do to bring it back to well.. scratch.

Why use us?

A family company – Sanding Wood Floors have repaired and restored hundreds of floors for over twenty years. We know how to repair every kind of damage on floors ranging from hard and softwood boards to parquet blocks. And in every setting - from the home, school, shop and office to retail outlets, galleries, gyms and museums.  

So how can we help you?  

Preparing for a new wood floor installation* Scuffs make an inevitable appearance on lacquer-finished floors over time. These hair-wide scratches are usually caused by friction from shoes or slippers - or when objects such as wheeled furniture are regularly moved.

They will disappear with floor polish – which will also increase the strength and durability of the floor lacquer.

Nevertheless, you need to know what you are doing. The wrong product or one applied in the wrong way – over-generously, perhaps - can make things worse. Faint marks can erupt into a large scale blot on the floor.

* Indentations are usually caused by falling objects or by high-heeled shoes. Although the surface may not be broken, they are unsightly - and obvious even from a distance when the light is on them.Preparing for a new wood floor installation

Despite a lack of damage to the finish - and timber protection - of the floors, they are difficult to remove without sanding and resealing.  

* Scratches are the most visible kind of damage to a floor – they break the surface of the sealant and may go even deeper into the timber.

Preparing for a new wood floor installationDepending on the type of sealant – lacquer or wax – there are various methods of masking and resealing scratches.  These range from a simple cosmetic job to sanding and resealing with the appropriate finish.

So don’t delay.  If you are unhappy with the appearance of your floors - call us today.

We’ll come and assess your floor – with no obligation. And advise you on the appropriate treatment.

Any estimate will be fixed with no surprising extras.Preparing for a new wood floor installation

 To speed up the process – and help us give you the best service, we may ask you to take a few pictures of the scratches and email them to us.

It’s also important to let us know when the floors were last refinished or fitted. And what was the original finish – lacquer, hardwax or oil?

How much will it cost?

Our scratch repair service is available at a call out charge of £130.00 plus VAT
(for a maximum of two hours work).

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Please phone us FREE on 08000 076 076 or email for a no obligation quote.

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