How long will it take?The installation and restoration of a hardwood floor consist of several discrete stages.Exquisite Floor Sanding Quote

Our experience of floor restoration (over twenty years) and product knowledge enables us to make specific calculations for each stage of the job. As a customer, you will receive an indication of the overall project length - and a firm estimate of the cost of each stage.  

Do look at the guidance below to come up with a ballpark figure yourself.


How long it will take to restore your floor depends on many factors:Sanding Wood Floors is using mainly natural eco friendly finishes by Osmo, Blanchon, Bona and Junckers providing kids and pets safe floors.

How long will it take?its current condition; the amount of anticipated traffic; its appearance (and possible change of colour); the kind of finish you prefer.

By its very nature, floor restoration is a disruptive business, which we endeavour to complete quickly and efficiently.  We want to minimise any inconvenience to your daily routine,

Nonetheless, for such a major investment to last for many years, the quality of the work is paramount. A rush job is bad practice and poor value.

A standard room of 20 square metres will take about one day to sand and seal - using fast drying water-based finishes. Allow another twelve hours for the finish to cure properly.

You will be able to walk onto the newly sanded floors in a couple of hours after we have applied the layer of sealant. Moving your furniture back in place will have to wait until the next day.

Here is a rough idea of how long a flooring job may take...

How long will it take?Sanding and sealing with lacquer of 40 sqm or less of pine parquet - two days.

Sanding and sealing with hardwax or oil of 40 sqm or less of pine parquet - three days.

Sanding and sealing with lacquer of 30 sqm or less of pine parquet, spanning over more than one room - one and half days.How long will it take?

Sanding, gap filling and sealing with lacquer of 20 sqm of old, uneven floor (floorboards) - one day.

Sanding, gap filling and sealing with hardwax or oil of 20 sqm of old, uneven floor (floorboards) - two days.

Installation of 15 sqm of herringbone parquet takes 1 day. Not including subfloor preparation and finishing works such as skirting boards trimming and door / door frames trimming.

Floor installation of 30 sqm of laminate will take one day, including floor preparation and insulation installation.

Please note: the above figures are based on one team working on premises that have been cleared of furniture. They do not apply to those poorly conditioned floors which require more than the minimum amount of repair work.

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