Wood flooring restoration techniques since 1875.Hardwood boards, parquet blocks or cork. We restore all kinds of wood floors from all levels of condition. The restoration process involves repairing or replacing any damaged timber and then Get a free sanding quote.sanding the floor back to smooth bare wood.  We use both state-of-the-art sanders and – for awkward and confined spaces - hand renovation techniques. We’ll then stain your floor if required and apply the protective finish of your choice: lacquer for wear; traditional oil or wax for natural beauty.


Our floor sanding and restoration process in detail:

Stage 1: Repairing your floor

Wood floor repair in progress: changing damaged pine boards.


The first step is to secure any loose floorboards with headless nails. We also take up any split or dangerous floorboards and replace with matching reclaimed timber.



Stage 2 Option 'A':  Gap Filling /up to 5mm/

Resin mix is used for filling small gaps between boards and parquet blocks.


You may prefer the even look of a gap-filled floor – but this is not an essential part of the restoration process. It does help to reduce draughts, particularly on the ground floor. Small gaps up to 5 mm can be filled with a mixture of resin and dust from the initial sanding.


Stage 2 Option 'B':  Gap Filling /5-12mm/

Gap filling between floorboards using reclaimed slivers provides really good finishing results.


Larger gaps from 5-12 mm are filled by inserting and gluing slivers of reclaimed wood. These are then sanded level in the next step. This method works slightly better as the seasonal expansion of the wood moves with the slivers.


Stage 3: Wood Floor Sanding 

Floor sanding is provided mainly with the latest Bona Belt 10 inch dust free machines.


We sand in three stages. A coarse grade sanding belt strips away the old layers of paint and sealants. A medium and fine grade paper then creates a smooth finish and prepares the floor to accept its sealant.


Stage 4:  Staining (Colouring)

Staining wooden floor in action with cotton cloth and Rusting white spirit based wood dye.


Another optional stage - a stain can give your floor a completely new look. You may opt for a natural stain that enhances the wood grain – or choose a colour to match your decor. Modern stains are completely safe and environmentally friendly. Staining brings a new element of ideas with hardwood floor sanding.


Stage 5:  Finishing (Sealing)

Sealing engineered hardwood flooring with Bona Traffic 2 component lacquer delivers outstanding protection.


The sanded and fine buffed wood flooring is then ready for your choice of protective sealant: lacquer, natural oil or hardwax oil. Each may require the application of up to three coats.



Additional Services:

Concrete Hearth Removal

Concrete hearth removal and restitching with reclaimed boards in staggered manner is our speciality.


You’ll never know it was there!  We completely remove the unwanted concrete and replace the area with reclaimed blocks or boards to match the rest of your floor.



Sound Insulation Under The Floorboards

Sound insulation under original floor boards is installed between joist for proving optimal acoustic noise travelling improvement cancellation.


Upper flats in converted properties can suffer from noise from the neighbours below - and vice versa.  Ask for our sound insulation service which helps to minimise noise to a comfortable level.


Decking Sanding, Staining and Refinishing

Decking sanding and restoration is what we really love and do best. Our protective finishes vary from Cuprinol to Osmo's Anti Slip Deck Oil.

These attractive garden features are very vulnerable to the effects of sunlight, rain and feet. When dirty, scratched and weathered, we can sand away the old weakened top layer of wood fibres.

A fresh new layer of fibres is lying just beneath the surface. For the perfect finish, we recommend Osmo anti-slip decking oil or clear/coloured protective deck oil..


Reclaimed Timber Flooring

We offer wide range of reclaimed floor boards in different sizes and age in order to achieve those perfect look.


We have access to supplies of reclaimed wood flooring of all types: from Georgian or Victorian pine floorboards to the wide variety of parquet blocks. One of the attractions of reclaimed timber is the 'character' it has gained from previous use, expressed in nail holes, mature knots and various stains. In the appropriate settings, such features enhance a floor and look absolutely right.



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