Stair stripping and sanding services

Stair stripping is a painstaking process which can be time and labour intensive but once stripped; a natural wooden staircase can quickly become the visual centerpiece of any home. Sadly Asthma Safe, Pet Friendly Prodycts, Clean Green Planet & Child-Safe Productsstairs tend to be the most neglected area of flooring as they are often covered by carpeting for generations on end. However, as you can see from our images here, the results are well worth the hard work.

There are usually two different options for stair stripping:

Option 1 – The outsides of the treads and risers are sanded and coated, the middle section to be covered eventually by a stair carpet.

Option 2 The entire tread and risers are sanded and coated to be left exposed. Bear in mind that this could result in a rather echoey stairwell.

  • We usually only treat these parts of the stairs and don't tackle banisters.

From £35  per step and riser  ( stripping, sanding, gap filling and finishing with 3 coats of clear high traffic varnish)

To get an accurate cost for the sanding of your stairs, please call or simply email us we’ll then get back to you as soon as possible. 

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